Company Teams

IDA Performing Company Teams

IDA Performing Company is for dancers who want additional performance, workshop, competition, and choreography opportunities. The purpose of our IDA Performing Companies is to give our dancers as many opportunities as possible to perform outside of the regular studio classes. This will help dancers grow technically, gain the invaluable lessons of good sportsmanship, friendships, team unity, and instill a deeper love for dance. Our companies are performance-focused and provide our dancers with additional workshops, masterclasses, performances, and competitions throughout the season. Being a member of our companies is a great experience that will help you to become a more well rounded dancer by growing your talents and technique! IDA Performing Companies have participated in Dickens Christmas Festival, parades, community events, local competitions, sports half time events, and special workshops and team building events. All IDA teams will attend competition and all Level 2+ teams will  have the opportunity to attend a convention.

Company Auditions:

Mandatory Auditions for all 2024-2025 Companies  will be on Friday, May 17th.

Dancers who are seeking placement on companies for levels 1 up (Ages 7+) must attend a mandatory auditions. *Please Note: ALL AUDITIONS ARE HELD AT THE LEHI STUDIO. No matter if you are a Saratoga or Lehi dancer, again, all auditions are at the Lehi studio.

Mini Company (Ages 5-7yrs)
Mini Company is by registration and does not require an audition.  Mini Company is for dancers in Kindergarten and First grade only. If your dancer will be in Kindergarten or First Grade for the 2024-2025 season, you can register for Mini Company now on our website. Registration for Mini Company closes 5/31/24.

For more information regarding our Performing Companies, please email our Performing Companies Coordinator:

2023-2024 Prodigy Company
2023-2024 Ascend Company
2023-2024 Accelerate Company
2023-2024 Spark Mini Company
2023-2024 Adrenaline Company
2023-2024 Intensity Company
2023-2024 Expression Company
2023-2024 Lehi Mini Company
2023-2024 Impact Company
2023-2024 Radiance Company
2023-2024 Shine Mini Company