Our Mission


Our mission is to empower each dancer with a solid technical and creative foundation while working to instill core values of self-confidence, discipline, teamwork, friendship, service, leadership, integrity and modesty in their everyday lives.


Our Vision is to cultivate exceptional dancers instilled with core values and hope in their dreams. Achieved by receiving quality instruction, opportunities to lead and choreograph, and encouraged to help others along the way. Thus building a resume for dance, college and life.


Self-Confidence- Student creativity and self-expression cultivated and encouraged.
Discipline- Importance of attendance, attire and accountable for improvement through pass-offs
Teamwork- As a class and across skill levels through the production
Friendship- Student Socials
Leadership- Opportunities to choreograph for others, TA, and Student Presidency
Integrity- Follow through on commitments
Modesty- In Dress, movement and music
Helping Others- Elite get to know, encourage, and mentor younger girls. Yearly service project.

Innovations Dance Academy

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