Project Description


Class Description:

**NEW Classes this year!**

Our new Acro Program is designed to further enhance our dancer’s abilities! Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class.  Each level of acro will work on increased flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control all while learning skills such as handstands, walkovers and aerials. There is an increased amount of acro movement being choreographed into dance genres from hip-hop to contemporary and even jazz and ballet.  Innovations now offers acro classes so that our dancers can learn these new skills and tricks in a safe, technique-focused environment.  Acro placement is based strictly on skill level rather than age. Once a student passes off all skills required in a level with the acro instructor they will be allowed to move up to the next level.

This is a non-performing class which means they will not perform a routine in the Spring Production

Acro Class Attire:

  • Black Camisole Leotard (Leotard required for safety)
  • Black Fitted Dance Shorts
  • Bare Feet