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Innovations Dance Academy is a production based studio.  Each Spring our entire studio participates in a fun Broadway-style production!  Our productions create meaningful stage opportunities for each dancer. At this time, dancers can show off their talents and share their passion for such a beautiful art form with all their family and friends. This time brings a feeling of accomplishment that boosts self-confidence, self-esteem and even relationships as we support one another.

We pride our studio on having productions that are enjoyable for the entire family.  This is done in 3 steps: One, by creating an uplifting and beautiful atmosphere with scenery and costumes.  Two, choreographing well thought out numbers that highlight each dancer and that uses tasteful, age-appropriate music.  Three, professionally narrated with a unique and purposeful storyline that all ages can relate to. This recipe, plus our dancers’ powerful and motivating love of dance, has our audience members leaving with a smile on their face every time.

Productions in the past have included: Tinker-Bell’s Tale of Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, Cinderella, Where the Wild Things Are, The Little Match Girl, 12 Dancing Princesses, Ariel’s Adventures and Dancing Through Africa.  For 2019 we are excited to be presenting an original production of “Rewrite The Stars”.

In preparation for the Production, our first semester is heavily focused on technique.  It is concluded with an in-class showcase of progress, student choreography and awards. The following semester focuses on performance, team work and choreography.  This semester is concluded with the magnificent Spring Production the whole family will enjoy!

Dance Dress Code

We strive to have a clean, uniformed look in all of our dance classes. As a matter of etiquette and to demonstrate respect for the art of dance, the instructor and each other we ask all students to adhere to the dress code. Students are required to have appropriate attire by the second week of class.  Please see our Classes section for the specifics of each class.  Rules that apply to all classes are as follows:

  • Warm-ups should be worn over dance attire when arriving to and departing from the dance studio.
  • All warm-up attire is to be removed after barre exercises in ballet or at the request of the instructor.
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside.
  • Absolutely no street clothes are to be worn during class. This includes loose fitting t-shirts, jeans, shorts, shoes, etc.  All street clothing and shoes should be placed in the student’s dance bag or cubby prior to class. No dangling earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets or other distracting accessories are to be worn.
  • Absolutely no loose shorts and no booty shorts without tights underneath.
  • Boys can have a loose fitting shirt with sweats or shorts that allow a free range of movement.  No Levis.
  • Hair must be pulled back and secured away from the face and neck. Loose hair interferes with a dancer’s ability to move freely and the teacher’s ability to see correct form.
  • The teacher has the right to dismiss any student from class who does not adhere to the dress code.  Please help us achieve this goal by making sure your dancer is prepared before class.  Warm-ups, leotards, tights and ballet shoes are available for purchase at our studio.

Dance Tuition

Registration Fee: $35/individual dancer or $50/family

Monthly Tuition Rate per student.

45 min: $45.00

1 hr/wk: $50.00

2 hrs/wk:$90.00   

3 hrs/wk: $127.50

4 hrs/wk: $170.00

5+ hrs/wk: $212.50   

Unlimited Family: $325.00  

Production Fee: One time $60 production fee (includes 2 production tickets) and $25 costume rental per costume.

Character Cast

Dancers ages 10+  interested in additional performing opportunities in the production can audition for our Character Cast for the Spring Production! Dancers who plan on auditioning for a Character Cast part must enroll and attend at least 3 classes​. Main Character parts will only be cast to those enrolled in at least 5 classes​. Dancers also must register for the Performing Technique class which is a year long course designed to enhance stage presence, facial expressions, and all-around performance quality. Character Cast rehearsals will take places DURING THIS CLASS. (This class DOES count towards the class requirements for auditions). Dancers part of the Character Cast will receive one-on-one instruction and feedback as they work closely with other cast members and staff to create a dynamic and artistic production experience!

Performing Companies

Innovations is excited to offer a performance company for more advanced dancers who want additional performance, competition and choreographic opportunities. Our performance companies participate in exciting workshops, masterclasses, performances and competitions. They also receive additional social, leadership, and choreographic opportunities within the studio. Dancers 11+ have the opportunity to audition to be part of one of our Performing Companies. Auditions will be held in the Spring. Dancers who make one of the Performance Companies will be required to take a certain number of hours per week. These hours are as follows:

  1. Senior Company= 8 hours of dance per week minimum
  2. Elite Company= 6 hours of dance per week minimum
  3. Excel Company= 4 hours of dance per week minimum

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